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The Difference That Certification Makes

In North Carolina, there are approximately 24,000 attorneys. Just over 1.1 percent of them are board-certified specialists.

At Ellis Family Law, PLLC, we have several attorneys who are certified as specialists in family law by the North Carolina State Bar.

All of our attorneys provide skilled representation and understanding guidance to clients in Durham, Chatham, Orange, Wake, Granville, Alamance and Person counties. Having several family law specialists at our firm is one factor that separates us from the competition.

The Client Benefits Of Board Certification

What does it mean to be a certified family law specialist? Board certification is a helpful guidepost for legal consumers with dozens of law firms to choose from but no clear idea of what makes one attorney stand out from the rest. Any attorney can claim to be knowledgeable or experienced. Board certification, however, is a concrete qualification backed by a rigorous set of standards.

In order to become board certified, a lawyer must:

  • Practice heavily in the specialized legal area for at least five years
  • Pass a specialty exam administered by the State Bar
  • Continue his or her legal education in the specialized legal area
  • Maintain a good reputation with peers in the legal profession

In an ever-changing legal area such as family law, it is important to constantly keep abreast of changes in the law. Certified specialization is a benchmark that verifies the attorney has met strict standards regarding knowledge, education, experience and reputation, and gives consumers confidence in his or her abilities and dedication to the practice of law.

Struggling With A Family Law Issue? Talk With A Legal Specialist.

To discuss your family law issue with a board-certified specialist in family law, please contact our firm. You can reach us online or by telephone at 919-944-4811 (Durham) or 919-891-8838 (Pittsboro).