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A Trusted Law Firm For Domestic Violence Issues

If there is physical violence or the threat of physical violence or harassment that leads to substantial emotional distress, it may be appropriate to seek a domestic violence protective order. In order to obtain a protective order, there must be a family relationship between the parties (i.e., husband and wife, biological parents of a child, domestic partners, siblings, parent and child, etc.).

A protective order requires an alleged perpetrator of domestic violence to cease his or her actions and not contact the person who filed the request for the protective order — even if the parties have a child together. While a domestic violence complaint is not a criminal complaint, a violation of a protective order is.

Whether you wish to file a protective order or need to defend against one, the sensitive and special nature of these orders makes it imperative that you enlist the help of experienced legal counsel. Ellis Family Law, P.L.L.C., is that law firm.

Did You Know?

If you obtain a domestic violence order of protection, the court may grant you temporary, sole possession of the marital home.

Domestic violence orders do not only apply to married parties. They can also apply to parties in romantic relationships, roommates and other familial relationships.

There does not have to be physical violence to obtain a domestic violence protective order. If there is harassment leading to substantial emotional distress, the statute allows a protective order to be issued.

Act Promptly If Violence In The Home Is Involved

Prompt action is important in cases involving domestic violence or accusations of domestic violence. The legal team at Ellis Family Law is ready to assist you in a completely confidential manner. Please contact us at 919-944-4811 (Durham) or 919-891-8838 (Pittsboro), or complete our online contact form to get more information and schedule a consultation.