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What Our Clients Say

I just want to thank all of you. This was an extremely difficult situation for me and to have such a wonderful team standing behind me made something that seemed impossible; possible. I want you to know how grateful I am to have had all of you help me get through this portion of it so I can continue moving forward in life and preparing for the next chapter(this little guy who’s going to be here before I know it!!) I will reach out to you when he arrives to discuss custody.
Thank you again—Best wishes to you all!!
— Anonymous

Thank you so much for helping me through this process. Your firm has been professional, helpful, personable and logical through this ordeal. My parents and I were really impressed in how you carried yourself in court. You also helped me regain my composure and focus on compromise when I started to come apart in the end. It was crystal clear to me that you had my family’s best interest in mind as opposed to billable hours. As you know, I work with attorneys all day and I have done so for the last year. I have come across many that I believe would have advised me to continue to fight over minor points only to serve their own interest. Your entire staff has been very helpful and I truly appreciate all the support. I do not feel like “just another client.” As I told you in the beginning, I didn’t want some guy with a picture on a bus bench. I wanted the best. So far, I feel like I have received exactly that.
— John*

Gray Ellis has represented me in child custody and child support issues for the last three years. Hiring an attorney is a difficult and expensive decision. Attorney Ellis and Ellis Family Law were highly recommended to me by many well-respected business professionals in the Durham community. Ellis Family Law has lived up to their reputation and produced 100 percent favorable outcomes in court for my child and me. Their work is detailed, thorough, logical and timely. The rates charged are fair and competitive. When I enter court with Ellis Family Law attorneys, I have total confidence that they will lead the court toward the outcomes I have requested. Unfortunately, child custody and child support issues can be ongoing. I continue to seek the advice and services of attorney Ellis and the Ellis Family Law team, and they always exceed my expectations. You never want to be in court on the opposing side of them, so you better hire them before your spouse does.
— Kelly*

We highly recommend the legal services of attorney Gray Ellis. Attorney Ellis has represented us in a very difficult family issue and we have been more than satisfied. The firm is extremely knowledgeable about family law and has consistently conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism. We would not think of going into a courtroom without them.
— David and Pam*

I have been working with Autumn for a little over two years now, and I must say at every turn she has been the one person who has eased my nerves. We have been going through a rather nasty child support ordeal and Autumn has been there to quickly answer my emails or calls whenever I needed. She always has an abundance of knowledge to guide me through whatever curve ball comes my way with my ex, and EVERY time we have gone to court I feel calm knowing she is at my side. I’m truly blessed to have her representing my family and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone having a family issue that they need representation for.
— Christin

Mrs. Osbourne has represented me on two occasions, both for child custody cases. She is very intelligent and she goes above and beyond in my opinion. She has worked very hard to make sure she had all of the pertinent information regarding my case and was always very quick in getting back to me and addressing my concerns. On both occasions, she has gotten me a desirable result, and she has worked very hard to ensure I was not only comfortable, but also knew what was going on regarding my case. I would recommend Mrs. Osbourne to all of my family and friends who were in need of legal assistance regarding family law. If I am ever in need of legal assistance again, Mrs. Osbourne will be the only person I go to!
— Donna

Ellis Family Law is extremely loyal and honest with clients. I’ve had the opportunity of working with Ellis Family Law for many years and highly recommend them for legal matters. Thank you Ellis Family Law for all your hard work!!
— Russell

Ellis Family Law took over our case from a previous attorney who had been dragging their feet for six months. They resolved everything within a week! They are amazing and will accomplish your goals for you.
— Anonymous

* Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.