What to know about the collaborative divorce process

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The desired result of a collaborative divorce is to resolve disputes; troubleshoot and problems solve issues that will result in the settling of a divorce. The reasoning behind choosing a collaborative divorce is that this process allows couples to resolve their disputes on their terms. Doing so eliminates them having to begrudgingly accept the judge’s decision because a resolution has already been agreed upon.

If you were to stray away from the collaborative process, the judge will be a stranger to your personal situations and will make their lasting decisions solely on what they hear throughout a few hours of testimony. Here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to making a decision around collaborative divorce:

Pros of a collaborative divorce

  • Negotiations lead to a controlled outcome
  • Unless you and your spouse fail to communicate them, all issues will be examined, negotiated, and settled by you, your partner, assigned professionals, and your lawyer.
  • The professionals above and any others you choose to bring into the process will provide greater clarification and attention to the disputes.
  • A collaborative divorce limits the chances of having to seek an expensive protracted and extended litigation process if your divorce became highly contested.

Cons of pursuing a collaborative divorce

  • The professionals above come at a price, which comes out of your pocket, but that cost can be a willing price pay to forego the price of litigation.
  • If your divorce case isn’t settled during the collaboration, you’ll have to start from scratch
  • If you fail in the collaborative process, anything said or accomplished will be expunged and cannot be used to favor either party

What works for you?

During the process, it’s vital to keep an open mind. Stubbornness will not lead to property, and child custody solutions or any other issue you may be trying to settle. You and your spouse must be willing to communicate effectively. To achieve the desired result, you must be willing to accept the recommendations and outlines proposed by the assigned professionals assisting with the collaboration.

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