What are the advantages of a collaborative divorce?

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If you and your spouse agree that your marriage just isn’t working anymore, you may want to end things amicably and move on. For many couples in that situation, a collaborative divorce might be the best option. With a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse must be willing to settle your divorce in a more straightforward manner. You and your divorce attorneys will work through dividing your assets, avoiding the need to settle your divorce in court.

Collaborative divorce comes with many advantages. Some of these include the following:

Collaborative divorce often is faster and less expensive than a traditional divorce. Anytime you avoid going through the court, you likely will save money on your divorce and often reach a settlement more quickly. You won’t have to wait for a court hearing or pay extra because of court delays, etc. You can work together to settle your divorce quickly, saving time and money.  You can also resolve all issues while maintaining social distancing.

You and your spouse have more control over your divorce settlement. A judge won’t be the person deciding what’s best for you and your family. You and your spouse will OK each part of your settlement, in collaboration with your attorneys.

Your divorce will be private. When you take your divorce to court, your divorce records are accessible to anyone who might request them. Through collaborative divorce you can keep as much, or all, of your settlement private.

If you share custody of children, you likely will reduce future conflict. Going through a collaborative divorce forces ex-spouses to learn to negotiate better. That skill is important when you share child custody. When you learn to negotiate and communicate better through your divorce, your post-divorce relationship is likely to be better. Your children will benefit from parents who can work through conflict more smoothly.

For those who want to avoid their divorce becoming a battle, collaborative divorce often is a good option. Working with an attorney who has experience with collaborative divorce will help you and your ex find resolutions more quickly so you can move forward.

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