Change your children’s custody plan when they outgrow its terms

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You want what’s best for your children, but what they need will likely change over time. Just because the courts ratified an agreement for custody doesn’t mean your kids won’t grow out of it.

Sharing responsibility with your former partner can be an essential part of making sure your children grow up happy and healthy after a divorce. But an outdated strategy can get in the way of that – and sometimes you need to readjust the details to ensure your deal still works.

A tailored method

Arrangements are made with the best interest of your children in mind, but a poorly fitting plan can lead to frustrations:

  • School: A well-laid proposal for your child’s time in school may become ineffective after everything settles following the divorce. If you’ve moved to a new area and your child is starting at a new school, or they’re changing schools as they progress through grades, you may need to rethink what’s in your custody program.
  • Scheduling: Life changes quickly after a divorce, and new developments could mean your children are having trouble fitting into the set schedule. If changing or unforeseen circumstances are conflicting with your current arrangement, it could be time to look at the details.
  • Moving: If one of you is moving, that’s a quick way to break down an old agreement. Greater distances mean more time in the car and less time with your child. You could ask a judge to adjust for time you’re missing out on.

It’s hard to get your plan right the first time, and even harder to predict your family’s future needs. Understanding those evolving needs might be just as important as knowing when you can request a change to your custody arrangement.

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