The broad and diverse realm of family law

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As is clear from prior select blog posts of our established firm, Ellis Family Law (with dual North Carolina offices in Durham and Pittsboro) has a prominent collaborative-divorce focus among its designated practice areas. Our April 22 blog entry recently underscores that.

As important as collaborative divorce and other so-called “alternative dispute resolution” processes can be for some divorcing parties, they comprise but a sliver – though a significant one – of a large family law universe. That realm encompasses impressively wide-ranging subject matter, which also commands the close scrutiny of Ellis Family Law’s deep legal team.

Divorcing parties that seek tailored and diligent legal representation often have an interrelated array of concerns. Although every divorce in North Carolina and elsewhere is different — in fact, unique – a few recurrent focal points commonly emerge in many decouplings. They centrally include matters like these:

  • Child-linked issues (including parenting plans, visitation, custody and support)
  • Fair distribution of marital assets
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Disposition of a family home and/or business

Those matters spell only a partial listing of many additional divorce-linked bullet points that can be prominently relevant for splitting couples.

Some couples have truly high-asset concerns, for example, which can quickly ratchet up the complexity of their marital dissolution. In some families, domestic violence is a pernicious and sad reality. Third-party visitation or custody can come to the fore in some family law matters (e.g., grandparents’ petitions/rights). Marital contracts (chiefly prenuptial and postnuptial agreements) can affect divorce outcomes in material ways.

Every family law matter will entail singular and differentiated concerns. Proven and empathetic attorneys will always be sensitive to that and make unstinting efforts to fully promote the best interests of their valued clients.

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