Five most stressful jobs for married couples

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Most adults try to balance their career and personal life. They don’t want to fall back in their company, but they also want to maintain healthy relationships with the people they love the most, including their spouse. Unfortunately, some jobs make that balance a challenge.

Occupations with the highest divorce rates 

Specific careers do not necessarily mean separation is on the horizon. However, certain occupations come with a significant amount of stress, time commitment or financial instability that could ruin relationships. Some occupations with the highest divorce rates include:

  1. Gaming managers – 52.9%
  2. Bartenders – 52.7%
  3. Flight attendants – 50.5%
  4. Gaming service workers – 50.3%
  5. Rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders – 50.1%

The most common factor between all these occupations is a declining demand for employees in these industries, which means less money in the employees’ bank accounts. It causes a significant strain on staff’s relationships.

Signs that your job is creating strain in your marriage

You don’t necessarily need to work in a casino or a bar to experience relationship problems. All types of industries cause additional stress on personal relationships. You need to know the signs before it ends in a nasty divorce. Some common signs are:

  • Too tired to spend time with your spouse after work – it’s common to be exhausted after a long day at work, but you shouldn’t be avoiding your spouse every day to relax after work.
  • Vent to your spouse about all your work problems – venting to our spouse is a natural reaction to work stress. But if you only talk to your spouse about work, it shows where your real priorities lie.
  • Socialize less with family and friends – you show up late to happy hour or a family birthday again because you were working late. Your spouse may perceive it as you intentionally choose to work over socializing with them or your friends.
  • You’re happier at work – most people look forward to going home at the end of the day, but you dread going back to your spouse. It might be time to reevaluate your relationship.

Unfortunately, even getting a new job won’t necessarily stop a divorce. It doesn’t mean that the divorce has to be a nasty experience. Consider a collaborative divorce in North Carolina where both spouses address concerns without the pressure of litigation.

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