Estate Planning And Administration

There is no substitute for creating a strong estate plan that clearly spells out your wishes. Taking this important step now will allow you to remain in control of the process and limit future disputes between family members.

The dedicated professionals at Ellis Family Law in Durham, North Carolina, can help you prepare an estate plan that carries out your last wishes and protects your family. Additionally, we provide steady guidance to grieving family members to help them with the complex details of distributing an estate.

Crafting a Plan That Meets Your Needs

Most people do not like thinking about estate planning. A well-thought-out plan, however, can answer important questions like:

  • Who will take care of your children if you and your spouse cannot?
  • What do you want to happen to your home or other valuable assets?
  • Do you want doctors to administer lifesaving treatment if you cannot communicate your wishes yourself?
  • Who do you want to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated or suffer from a disability?
  • Will your beneficiaries benefit from you placing your assets in a trust?

With a valid last will and testament and an estate plan that contains an advance directive and power of attorney designation, your wishes will be clear. If you die without a valid will or an estate plan, however, your estate is distributed according to the state's intestate succession laws — whether that was your intention or not. Costly litigation can also occur between family members.

Providing Experienced Probate Guidance

If you are the surviving family members, administering the estate is probably the last thing you want to do during this very emotional time. Let the caring lawyers at Ellis Family Law guide you through the estate administration process. You will be glad you did.

Typically, the process involves identifying assets and debts, giving notice to appropriate individuals and creditors, paying debts and distributing assets. The lawyers of Ellis Family Law can help you complete every step, avoiding mistakes that can stretch the process out.

It is Never Too Early To Start Planning. Call Today for More Information.

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